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August 22nd- Senior Hoodie/Shirt Design

We have a very short period today, so you have TWO independent editing assignments to work on.

Edit the photos from last week's stations. Choose AT LEAST one photo from each station and edit it in Pixlr (crop, adjust the sharpness, etc). Submit SEVEN to the assignment in Schoology.

2. Syllabus

Your syllabus is due today. If you haven't already turned it in, do that ASAP.

3. Senior Shirt/Hoodie Design

Use Pixlr to create a Senior hoodie design for the class of 2024.

  1. Open up Pixlr

  2. Choose Pixlr E, Create New

  3. Photo

  4. 10x8

  5. Use your imagination, along with the text too, elements you find from Pixlr (FILE<FIND ELEMENTS), vecteezy, pngtree, and pngaa.

Here are some examples from other senior shirts.

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