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August 18th & 19th- Flat Lay Project & Bird's Eye View

1. SEL Check-In

2. Spitball

Consider the questions located on the Google Slide. Write at least 5 sentences in response to this Pulitzer Prize winning photograph.

3. Syllabus Assignment- Google Form Signature

Please make note of the assignment in Schoology. Your signed syllabus (via Google form) is due next week. Please look it over with your parents and submit it as soon as possible. Cameras will not be distributed to those without a completed form.

4. Flat Lay Project Instructions

5. Bird's Eye View Practice & Jamboard

Click on the jam board link here. Google image search the words bird's eye view, and post a photo that jumps out at you.

Taking advantage of being outside, you'll take 3 images that apply bird's eye view and post to Padlet.

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