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August 17th/Beginning Photo- Introduction To Your DSLR Canon Rebel

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

1. Spitball

Find the assignment titled "VJ Day" in Schoology. In Schoology, answer the questions on the Google Slide Show related to this image. If you don't want to answer the questions, you can "spitball" and just write 5 sentences on anything that comes to mind- as long as it relates to the picture.

Click here:

Music from the same era as this image:

2. Creating a Google Drive

  • Log in to your LAUSD Gmail.

  • Go to Google Drive.

  • Click on NEW

  • Click on NEW FOLDER

  • Title your folder PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS

3. Review of Camera Parts

Front View

  1. Shutter Button

  2. Red-eye reduction/Self Timer Lamp

  3. Lens Mount

  4. Lens Mount Index

  5. Lens Release Button

  6. Mirror

  7. Microphone

  8. Built-In Flash

Rear View

  1. Eye Cup

  2. Viewfinder Eye Piece

  3. LCD Monitor

  4. Menu Button

  5. Playback Button

  6. Wifi Lamp

  7. Access Lamp

  8. Multi-controller

  9. ISO Setting Button

  10. Quick Control Button

  11. Display Button

  12. Erase Button

  13. Focus Point Selection Button

  14. Live View Shooting/Movie Shooting Switch

  15. Diaoptric Adjustment Knob

Top View

  1. Focus Mode Switch

  2. Speaker

  3. Strap Mount

  4. Hot Shoe

  5. Power Switch

  6. Dial Mode

  7. Flash Button

  8. Main Dial

  9. Zoom Ring

  10. Focus Ring


  1. Battery Compartment/Card Slot

  2. Tripod Socket

3. Outdoor Shooting

We will be shooting outdoors for the first time.

  • Shoot on Auto

  • If you don't want your flash to pop up shoot in the NO Flash mode (the icon with the lightning bolt through it).

  • Take at least 10 pictures of a friend or a prop.

  • Come back to class and upload your photos to your Google Drive folder.

4. Uploading Your Photos

Follow the prompts:

Click on DCIM


Highlight your photos and drag them to your Google Drive Icon

When you have double-checked that your photos are now in your Google Drive, be sure to click the Eject button before removing your SD card.

4, Blooket

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