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August. 15th- Beg. Photo/Classroom Rules & Intro to Canon Rebel

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

1. SEL Check In

4. Cameras Out!

Your camera number is located in the corner of your table. We will break out our cameras and explore shooting in automatic mode.

3. Parts of the DSLR Camera Front View

  1. Shutter Button

  2. Red-eye reduction/Self Timer Lamp

  3. Lens Mount

  4. Lens Mount Index

  5. Lens Release Button

  6. Mirror

  7. Microphone

  8. Built-In Flash

Rear View

  1. Eye Cup

  2. Viewfinder Eye Piece

  3. LCD Monitor

  4. Menu Button

  5. Playback Button

  6. Wifi Lamp

  7. Access Lamp

  8. Multi-controller

  9. ISO Setting Button

  10. Quick Control Button

  11. Display Button

  12. Erase Button

  13. Focus Point Selection Button

  14. Live View Shooting/Movie Shooting Switch

  15. Diaoptric Adjustment Knob

Top View

  1. Focus Mode Switch

  2. Speaker

  3. Strap Mount

  4. Hot Shoe

  5. Power Switch

  6. Dial Mode

  7. Flash Button

  8. Main Dial

  9. Zoom Ring

  10. Focus Ring


  1. Battery Compartment/Card Slot

  2. Tripod Socket

5. Play-Doh Cameras Using the play-doh, mold a camera. Your camera MUST Include (at least) the following: Shutter Button Tripod Socket Viewfinder/ Eye Piece LCD Monitor Power Switch

Main Dial

Menu Botton

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