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August 14th- Welcome Back!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

1. Let me introduce myself....

2. Photographer Speed Dating

3. This or That?

4. Class Syllabus Review

Photography AB-

Digital Photo Design

5. First Impressions!


How long does it take to form a first impression?

Eleven, seven, one, a millisecond? Are you wondering, “How LONG does it really take to form a first impression? Researched by WHAT group?”? Well, so did Tracy, who is one of my subscribers, and she submitted this question. And that’s why in this article, I’ll share with Tracy and YOU how long you have EXACTLY to make an impactful first impression—and WHO provided scientific proof for this number. For those who have watched any of my other videos or speeches, you may have heard me count to seven at the very beginning. This is mainly to drive home the point that we form first impressions of one another extremely quickly. But I really want you to realize that it doesn’t matter if it is seven seconds, five seconds, or one second; the important thing to remember is how QUICKLY we make our minds up about people! Tenth of a second There are a variety of studies that look at how quickly we make first impressions, some say it only takes milli-seconds while others suggest longer. Two psychologists out of Princeton, for example, concluded that it only takes a TENTH of a second to form a first impression! These two psychologists conducted separate tests to study the judgments participants made about facial appearance. They found that the fastest decision participants made was about attractiveness, followed by trustworthiness. 27 seconds While another study that commissioned more than 2000 Americans concluded you have 27 seconds. This study also found that

  • 69% of participants made a first impression of someone before they even had a chance to speak and that

  • 83% of their participants felt more positive about someone who seemed confident in themselves.

33 to 100 milliseconds A third study done by the University of York suggests that a single glance of a person’s face for just 33 to 100 milliseconds is enough for them to form a first impression. This study was based on 126 university students and found only slight additions to their first impressions in the time between 100 and 500 milliseconds. Meaning that they had mostly made their mind up about the person in front of them prior to 100 milliseconds. 7 Seconds Personally, I often refer to a study conducted by NYU that showcases up to eleven assumptions that might be made by someone within seven seconds – obviously, depending on the occasion. However, as I had the great pleasure to meet Dr. Solomon once in person, he shared with me how this study has been misused by many — making it a point that it takes EXACTLY this amount of time and that it’s EXACTLY those eleven assumptions. However, according to him, there is just no research that specifically quantifies it to be these 11 decisions in only 7 seconds. It’s a great example of how subject matter experts misuse studies to prove their own points.

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