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Aug. 24th & 25th- Building Your Website

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

1. Spitball

2. Websites

You will each be creating a weekly website for your photography.

Step 1:

Go to Weebly dot com

Step 2: Click on Sign Up

Step 3: Fill out the information & keep track of your password. Press continue.

Step 4: Click on Try Weekly Websites

Step 5: Once you're signed up, you will need to click on BLOG under themes.

Step 6: Once you select a theme, you will choose a domain name. It must be your full name followed by the word photography. For example:

nicolepollardphotography, or JessicaRodriguezphotography.

Final Step: Begin by editing your header, and about me section. Then share your website name with me on Schoology.

Period 6.-

Heading outside, take 3 different images: worm's eye view, eye level, and becoming the subject.

4. Flat Lay Projects-

Those who are choosing to shoot their projects in class may use our DSLR cameras to do so.

5. Catch Up- Check to see if you've completed both the Nearpod from this week, as well as the EdPuzzle and Syllabus from last week. Spitball notebooks will be graded this weekend.

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