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Aug. 22nd & 23rd- DSLR & Flat Lay Projects

1. Mindful Monday/SEL Check-In

2. Spitball- 5 Sentence/5 pts (Extra points for extra effort)

3. Check-Out Cameras & Seating Chart

4. Parts of Your DSLR Camera

5. Nearpod

Complete the Nearpod on parts of a camera, located on Schoology under Week 2. It's an easy matching exercise, and it's due today!

6. Camera Exercise

Choose a partner or a prop and take a few images in Auto Mode. Practice pressing the shutter down half way to focus before taking your image.

7. Flat Lay Project Reminder

Your Flat Lay Project is due this Friday! If you would like to do yours in class with our cameras, bring your items on Wed./Thursday.

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