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Aug. 16th/Digital Photo Design

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

  1. SEL Check-in

2. Editing Challenge

Instead of the Spitball entries done in Beginning Photo, Digital Photo Design will warm up by doing editing challenges. You will find elements in Schoology and have 20 minutes to create whatever you'd like with those elements in Pixlr. You will submit your creation to Schoology AND Padlet to be shared with the class. After each challenge, we will vote on our favorite edit. It will look something like this. Your creation should utilize all of the tools you used last semester and the skills you've developed.

Find the assignment, "Editing Challenge August 16th" in Schoology. Remember, submit your creation to Schoology AND Padlet through this link.

3. Draw What???

4. Googly Eyes & Light Boxes

Today we'll get to know our "nifty 50" lens, as well as our lightboxes.

Googly Eyed Group:

Using the 50 mm lens, you'll take a pair of googly eyes and place them on three inanimate objects within the room. Edit your three best photos and submit them to the Googly Eyed photo assignment in Schoology.

Light Box Group:

Using your normal kit lens, you'll get to know how to use the light boxes. Feel free to play around with them and change the backgrounds. Use objects from the prop area to practice shooting with the lightbox.

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