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April 19th/20th

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

1. Fractal Mirror

Download the image in Schoology titled "womanface." These instructions are also in a pdf in Schoology, and there's a video tutorial if you need further explanation.

2. A Day In the Life Project Planner

Find this assignment in Schoology and complete in Kami.

Here again is the link for the project if you were absent or need to reference it. It is due May 15th: '

2. ISO Blooket

Please watch this short video to remind you about ISO. Unlike shutter speed and aperture, ISO doesn’t change the amount of light coming into the camera when brightening or darkening the image. Rather, it determines how the camera deals with that already set amount of light after the exposure is done. Once you've watched the short video, please complete the Blooket to test your knowledge.

Then complete the BLOOKET:

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