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April 15th- Abstract Photography

  1. Abstract Shooting

  • Groups of 4

  • Settings: ISO- We're inside with little light, so you'll want a higher ISO. 800 or higher Shutterspeed- The oil and water is still, so we don't need a fast shutterspeed, and we want to let more light in. A shutterspeed around 200 is appropriate. F-Stop. You'll want to keep the whole frame in focus, but we need to let light into the camera. An fstop of around 4 should do the trick.

  • Take turns shining the flashlight from your phones onto the oil and water while someone else shoots. Take multiple images and remember to zoom in.

  • Edit your photos by cropping and adjusting color.

  • Submit one from each station to Schoology under the "Abstract Photography" assignment.

2. Exit Ticket

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