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April 11th- Presentations

  1. Clipping Mask Practice

I will be gone the first 30 minutes of class during first period. Please complete the Clipping Mask Practice in Schoology by doing the same steps we did on Tuesday for our R.O.A.R. poster. (Instructions are attached to the assignment.)

  1. File<New<Letter 11x8 (horizontal)

  2. Add a gradient 

  3. Text Tool Type Your NAME

  4. Choose fx in the layer panel. Go to Gradient Overlay and choose the blues

  5. Two Finger press on that text layer again. Once applied, click on the T at the top of the menu and add a style to the text.

  6. Two-finger press on the text layer and choose convert to smart object.

  7. File<Place Embedded any photo you’d like from vecteezy, pngaaa, or pngtree.

  8. Two finger press on the image layer and choose create clipping mask

  9. On that image layer, press command j to duplicate it, then add a layer mask. Press command i to invert the layer mask

  10. Use the add-to mask to bring back a portion of the image 

  11. Flatten

If you’d like to download cooler fonts, visit

After you download the font, you’ll have to find it in your files and “unzip it” (Double Click On It)

Then you’ll click on the font file and see an option to install.

After you install, it should automatically show up in your Photoshop fonts.

2. Multiplicity Presentations!

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